Bryan & Terrill Law have provided me excellent service and wise counsel. I can trust their guidance and have the faith that they have represented me better than I expected. In my business I use various attorneys but I have experienced the best value for my money and service from them.


Please accept this as my letter of recommendation for an up and coming Law Firm Bryan & TerrIll. The Law Firm of Bryan and TerrIll are very thorough and competent professionals who always had my best interests in mind. I was always informed and always felt like my case was in very good hands. They never missed a scheduled meeting and always took my calls.

They are not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. Their knowledge and attention to detail aided in obtaining my monetary settlement. I owe a great debt of gratitude for their service. They are a very solid lawyer firm who practices nothing but the best client service methods. Spencer Bryan and Steve Terrill have excellent analytical skills and were able to process large volumes of information quickly formulating an effective strategy for my case. Their relentless perseverance was always in my best interest and easily gained my trust. With these abilities and dedication, The Law Firm of Bryan & TerrIll would be a great choice regarding your legal representation. Bryan & Terrill are intelligent hard working attorneys and eager to take up new client responsibilities, I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased.

Bobby Jefferson

I highly recommend! Extremely professional and respectful in all aspects of your representation. Sincerely take the time to understand your unique situation and make your concerns a priority during the process. Top notch!

Jeremy Brimm

In a low point in my life, and truly not knowing what attorney could possibly help me, I can honestly and whole heartedly say that I praise God that this great duo was there for me to turn to in helping me with my civil case, and making at least some sense of all of the nonsense.

What sets this duo aside from all the others?  They’re fair and honest, and actually aren’t out for themselves to nickel and dime you to death, and squeeze all the money they can out of you for nothing.

What sets the bar even higher is that they are truly professional and always kind. If ever one of my loved ones or friends, or I, God forbid, need a civil attorney, these are your men!

Susan Chambers

I never thought I could completely trust a lawyer. Mr. Bryan and Mr. Terrill made me feel 100 percent confident in their judgment and ability to represent me as their client. I could depend on them to be completely honest with me. I never felt like I was being strung along or manipulated. They had so much compassion towards me and my case. Everything that they did was to help me resolve all of my concerns.

Their education alone is impressive, but the type of men they are is what makes their practice so unique. I was always fearful of hiring a lawyer because they are stereotyped to be self-involved money grubbing vipers that worry more about billable hours than their client. These two men couldn’t be further from that. They are kind, intelligent, well spoken and honorable. They will be vigilant in making sure that their client’s cases are fought with every resource available, research all past cases to see what applies to yours and consult experts for testimony.

After being discriminated against it is hard to trust anyone again, but put your faith in Bryan & Terrill. You won’t be disappointed.

Qamar Herd