Denver Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any injury that causes damage to the head and brain. These injuries are very common in car accidents, contact sports, combat, and dangerous workplaces. Depending on the severity of a TBI, a victim stands to suffer long-term complications like paralysis, neurological disorders, loss of function, speech complications, and many other possible medical conditions.

At Bryan & Terrill Law, our team of Denver personal injury lawyers are committed to maximizing our clients’ recovery in personal injury claims. A TBI is likely to entail significant medical expenses, ongoing treatments, lost income, and lost quality of life. TBI victims and their families should know how to approach a personal injury lawsuit for a TBI.

Types of TBIs and Their Effects

Some of the most common TBIs include:

Any of these injuries can cause devastating effects, including permanent loss of motor function, impaired speech and language capabilities, personality changes, mood disorders, susceptibility to headaches and migraines, and sensory problems. Most people who suffer TBIs require extensive recovery and ongoing medical treatment.

Suing for a TBI in Denver, CO

If another person or party causes a TBI, the injured party can secure compensation for his or her losses through a personal injury claim. Success in the claim will hinge on the plaintiff’s ability to prove the defendant was negligent, and his or her negligence directly caused the plaintiff’s TBI. If a TBI prevents a victim from representing his or her own interests in court (for example, a TBI that leads to a comatose or vegetative state), a close relative such as a spouse, parent, or adult child may need to file a personal injury claim on behalf of the victim.

Victims of TBIs can secure several types of compensation, depending on how the injury occurred. Compensation in most personal injury claims for TBIs includes:

TBI cases are often complex and can involve several defendants. Injured TBI victims need reliable, competent legal representation to handle their claims. If you need legal assistance for a TBI-related issue in the Denver area, reach out to the team at Bryan & Terrill to schedule a consultation. We’ll review the details of your case and let you know what kind of compensation you could expect from a lawsuit.